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all day Swap table

A SWAP TABLE is the latest way to update your wardrobe or cupboard without buying new things.

A swap table takes things you have finished with and puts them back into circulation. By passing on your clothes, accessories or equipment to others, you are diverting materials from landfill and thus conserving resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Reusing a product, rather than buying a new one, reduces demand for water, energy and raw materials, reducing impact on the environment.

• All items swapped must be in good condition.
• Bring one item and take one item (a bag of lemons or other produce = 1 item)
• Bring up to 20 items per person
• Items must be able to be carried, so nothing too bulky please
• The system is going to be an honesty one, so please ensure you honour this so that everyone can have a chance at getting something ‘new’

Acceptable Items:

• Clothing
• Belts, bags, shoes
• Jewellery
• Cookbooks & novels
• Kids toys
• CDs or DVDs
• Sports gear

Items that will not be accepted:

• Electrical goods
• Electronic goods (no computers, phones, dvd players etc)
• Bulky goods
• Broken goods
• Items not in good condition

10 am Waste Not

Waste Not is Total Environment Centre's 25min film about recycling and green living - 'Highly Commended' international Greenflicks competition, Flickerfest; winner Best Documentary, St Kilda Film Festival; accepted for Cannes short films, and Rhodes Film and Barcelona Environmental Film Festivals.

10 am Happy Worms and Hot Composting Workshop - Nikala Sim

Learn how to make your own worm farm and, once you have, how to keep your worms from leaving home. Techniques for great backyard composting will also be discussed.

10.45 am Additive Alert – The Missing Piece to the Healthy Eating Puzzle

With the use of food additives in everyday Australian foods becoming more widespread, local residents are urged to attend a free public seminar to find out what’s really in our food and there may well be a few surprises revealed! The talk, based on the best selling Australian book Additive Alert by Julie Eady, promotes healthy eating. Most Australians unwittingly consume a staggering 5kg of food additives each every year, which can contribute to common health problems such as cancer, asthma, behaviour issues and sleep problems, especially in children, but also in adults.

11.30 am The Climate Project - Steve Lockhardt

Learn about current climate science and the reasons behind the need to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions as a matter of urgency. This presentation also lays out recent climate events and gives us a snapshot of our future with unmitigated climate change and moves into presenting the solutions to the climate crisis.

12.15 pm Think Change

What we can do as individuals in everyday life to reduce our environmental impact, especially when we make those all important purchasing decisions. This presentation will also talk to sensible housing design features for energy use reduction and future housing trends

11.45 am Brunch Time with Angie Gluten Free

Angie is a wholefood chef who passionately specialises in gluten free cooking and baking. She runs her own business with her partner Craig called Angie Gluten Free, through which she sells cakes, dips, loaves and muesli to markets and shops. She also runs the kitchen at Jaspers Village Resort at Mount Seaview. Her vision is to mindfully create food that is not only nutritious, but also tastes great. Be inspired by Angie's brunch-time cooking demo.

12.45 pm Goats Cheese Making Demonstration

Sandra will demonstrate transforming milk fresh from the goat into a delicious goats ‘cheese’. The demonstration will culminate in a taste test.

1 pm Bike Maintenance Workshop - Belinda Green

Are you a bit rusty on changing a tyre and keeping your gears and brakes operating smoothly? Then this is the workshop for you. Belinda will show you how to keep your pushbike running smoothly so your ride is comfortable and safe. Bring your own bike to make the most of this workshop.

1.00 pm The Lush-House

Eco friendly cleaning with Shannon Lush, who is the author of best-selling books Spotless


12 pm Kids Yoga
all day Kids face painting