North Coast Tafe

Ecological sustainability, as defined by our organisation is ‘the restoration and preservation of the ecological processes on which all life depends’. As a land owner, as a resource user and as an educator we are responsible for ensuring that:

* Our operations have the least possible impact on the environment and
* Our students are aware of how they can contribute to a more sustainable community through the industry in which they are training.

The North Coast of NSW is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia, and is home to ecologically significant natural environments ranging from pristine beaches and sub-tropical rainforest to lush mountainsides. The scale and diversity of our assets and operations lends to a significant responsibility to this local environment and the wider global environment. To meet our responsibility we are committed to the efficient and responsible use of natural resources. To action this we will avoid or minimise resource use, maximise efficiency and effectiveness and recovery of resources used, assess life cycle impacts of products and exercise caution to avoid harm where possible ecological risk exists.